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Boutique farm-to-table with a view


Meet Trinity Ranch

About the Farm: Trinity Ranch is located off of Helmholtz Road in Redmond, Oregon. With 34 acres of gorgeous views of the Sisters Mountains in the Cascade Range, Trinity Ranch is the perfect spot to grow hay, raise protein, and host parties! While newly established in December of 2020, we are excited to provide a variety of customizable services and goods to the Central Oregon Community. 

About Us: Raised on a dairy farm in Astoria, OR, Hans grew up with a passion and respect for animals and what they can offer to the humanity, when cared for with love and attention. Hans and Teri have been married for 30 years and hope to leave a legacy while learning and educating others about the benefits of farm life. 


Our Services

  • Enjoy Farm Life for a Day!

    Starting at $20
  • Catered dinner party with stunning view of Sisters Mountain Range

    Starting at $150

Farm Chix 

Farm life brings with it a whole host of learning curves.  Some are pretty steep.  Some are funny.  Some are sad. Others irritating as heck!  But they all together combine to make one beautiful experience.  Join us in the journey...

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